Meteowrite: Bad Timing

May 25, 2009

I enjoy Science-Fiction.

The way it focuses on a single concept, and toys with it in any possible way, free of any preconceptions or dogmas (dogmata sounds a little pedantic, I’m discarding it).
It’s almost a philosophical experience, or maybe a perfect experimentation, since we are not part of the events depicted, we watch them but cannot interfere with them. And yet the stories are most of the time about ourselves (or someone, or something we can relay to).

Short stories fit particularly well to that definition, and I have a special fondness for them.
Here is my feeble attempt at writing philosophically-hued words in another language … talk about an alien experiment!
I’m calling these “Meteowrites”, since these short messages are destined to shoot past the websky and be forgotten as quickly as they were read.

This is quick and easy fun.

Bad Timing

After several millenia of evolution and progress, humanity left the Earth used surface aboard an interstellar arch, aiming towards a promising distant star.
On the way, the sleeping ship crossed paths with a similar arch, carrying an alien population dreaming of another world …