Everything is proceeding as planned. (really?)

May 27, 2009

Once in a while, I come to a point in my everyday life where I realize some things drifted a little too much, and become out of easy reach, lack convenient use.
More than “once in a while”, I could even say that this happens on a regular basis (months rather than years).

What happens then?

Well, I just shake the clutter away, perform some drastic cleaning (it’s bin/trash filling time!), and come up with fresh ideas and new resolutions.
‘Fresh’, ‘New’? Well not quite in fact. Not unlike fashion, history or music, my revolutionary ideas are nothing more that your good old timetable.
This old concept never fails to amaze me. Be it carefully drawn on paper, or cleverly devised in a computerized spreadsheet, it’s always the same thing:

  • List activities
  • Give them enough time
  • Give them extra time whenever possible (it helps ease the transitions between tasks)
  • Organize them in a logical mannerAnd most of all
  • Be convinced by the result. If you don’t believe in your planning, there’s no way you’re going to follow it …

Anyway, here’s the current activities landscape, flying straight out of a suprematism nightmare.
Oh yes, and … I find it somehow beautiful too 🙂