Thank the freezer

May 10, 2009

Today’s Sunday, and I wanted something nice to eat.
In fact, I’ve been thinking about today’s meal for one or two days, and knew what was on the menu.
Cassoulet is in order. A home made one, with the unavoidable “saucisse de Toulouse”, but also duck in various flavors.

… and it’s a frozen cassoulet, by the way (I cooked an enormous amount of it, and had to save some for later)
An overnight thawing left the coveted dish in a cold and somewhat mushy state. Not very nice looking.
Heating the oven, transferring the cassoulet to a dish and spreading a layer if fine bread crumbs only takes a few minutes.
What now? Can I just call it a cooking day?

Not quite so.
While the oven warms, I decide to quickly assemble a pastry, adding cumin, nutmeg, and curcuma powder.
Like this:

Rolling the dough flat, cutting away shapes and adding four different flavors is done in a snap:

While the cassoulet gently transforms into our main course, I slip the biscuits in the top rack, and wait while cleaning …

Meanwhile, the cassoulet filled the air with a yummy scent, and opening the oven revealed a good surprise:

Conclusion: frozen food saves time, lets you blitz-cook on the side