If one single attribute or characteristic could differentiate Humans from the rest of the sentient realm, wouldn’t it be “the creation act”?

Be it physical, emotional or conceptual, an artifact created ‘ex nihilo’ provides to its originator unmatched mixed sensations of pride, joy, sorrow.
Let’s not get too excited though … there is no real immaculate conception when it comes to human creations. We are always comparing or opposing to something.

Being creatures of accretion, ‘absolute’ is not a qualifier that fits us that well, it is I think reserved to entities not belonging to this plane of reality. How could we possess an untainted and indisputable truth about anything, when we are by our mere presence (not to mention our actions) modifying the world we are trying to understand?

Relativism on the other hand, is I believe our best friend. Our (certain) points of views, our adopted beliefs, and yes, our creations, cannot exist as one, but as part.

So, where does this lead us to? I could drone on and on throwing half baked ideas at you, but I have a purpose, you see …
A creative purpose.

To begin, I’d like to state that I don’t consider me a demiurge as such, only half a one at best, and one that skipped a few fundamental lectures even.
Even so, the purpose I’m mentioning is more an experimentation on what it means to ‘be’ thinking.
And so, I am going to keep writing this journal as the experiment slowly swings from idealistic musings to actual implementation …


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