Jason and Pete’s excellent gifts

September 4, 2008

If you’re a Force-Cast fan, you must know Jason is ready to welcome a very young padawan, and Pete’s about to become one with his fiancée.

These two great occasions call for a great proof of friendship and best wishes from us, the fans.

After toying with several ideas, an idea came up, and we agreed on a nice concept: offer Jason and Pete a personnalized Star Wars Force-Cast Vault (one for each).
The idea is to let each fan create a page for each vault. All pages assembled into a book will make the perfect unique gift.

Here is what you have to do to participate:

  • You will need: Two sheets of paper (‘US Letter’ or ‘A4’ format),  a piece of Star Wars memorabilia, or a personal text, an audio or video file … anything! (one for Pete, one for Jason)
  • The sheet of paper can be ‘US Letter’ (8.5″x11″) or ‘A4’ format (8.3″x11.7″), but keep in mind that you can only use a 8″x11″ area of that sheet.
    As for the paper quality, it should be strong enough to support what you’re going to glue/staple/paint on it.
  • Use one side of the sheet only to write a personal message, and maybe add a small item (it has to be flat of course: newspaper article, photograph, vintage candy wrapping paper, origami, …)
    Remember to restrict your participation to a 8″x11″ area, but don’t cut the excess paper on your sheet. This will be done by the person who receives all the sheets
  • If you’re in an audio or video mood, unleash your creative power, and create a file that will be added to a DVD (or CD) coming with each Vault.
  • Send each sheet (one for Jason’s newborn, one for Pete’s wedding, remember?) to shazbazzar in a separate envelope each.
    Stuart Tullis
    403 Santolina Road
    Dothan, AL 36303
    Why separate envelopes? Because we’re going to include each contributor’s stamps in each vault, which means two different envelopes (and sets of stamps) are needed.

    EDIT: You might also send your two pages in the same envelope, as long as you make sure there are several stamps on it, so that shaz can put some of your stamps on Jason’s page, some on Pete’s. Two letter is ideal, but one would do too!

  • Once all the sheets are received, shaz will cut them to size (8×11″), add a nice cover (artists are needed for both covers!), and assemble them (spiral binder)
    Then the gifts will be sent to our favorite podcast hosts!
  • As for the DVD (or CD), it still hasn’t been decided if it should have an interactive menu, or just contain the raw files. Depending on the time we have, the best solution will be chosen
    Eric will be in charge of collecting the multimedia files, and assemble them in an orderly fashion, within a feature-rich interface :p

    Please upload your files at the following location:
    You will be asked a password, which is the full name of that unthinkable character.
    You will have to write it in lowercase, without separators (for example: anakinskywalker, padmenaberrie, macewindu are the correct way to write the password)
    If you don’t figure out the password, just drop me a PM in the RebelScum Forums (user name Satka), and I’ll be happy to help!

  • Ah … the time … you have almost one month to create your contribution, since you should have sent your two envelopes and/or files before the 30th of November