Star Wars biscuits

This is the kind of open-ended project that will never reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Here’s the setup: I like shaped biscuits, first because they’re fun, and second because I find the act of eating something that represents a non-edible object … well, interesting.

Anyway, how could I not try to make my own Star Wars biscuits?
I first tried looking here and there for cake molds and biscuit shapes. There are quite a few options, but I wanted to do something really personal (and it wouldn’t really be crafting if I had used already made tins, would it?)

Creating the biscuit molds

So, to create shaped biscuits from scratch, I have to create the molds first.

Where to begin?

I considered sculpting them for a second, and quickly abandoned the idea (I’m not good at freehand drawing).
I then wondered if alimentary resin/latex would do the trick. It evidently would, but this would be a costly approach.
Then, I remembered salt dough …

The procedure is fairly simple: mix two cups of flour with one cup of salt.
Add water and knead until the texture is soft and doesn’t stick to the hands


Mix and add some water

Grainy and soft

It is now time to find the original models.
Needless to say, I have a few objects at home that were perfectly sized and shaped πŸ˜‰

If you only knew ...
Don't play with plastic wrapper!
That's a Dark Force Cast
This is looking good

The result is encouraging, I now have to cook this at low temperature, and let it dry for many hours before it’s hard enough to be used.

Looking forward to see what this will look like

Artoo 'Dough'-too

I did some other tests of course, among which our favorite droid πŸ™‚


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