When worlds collide

June 1, 2009

The usual: I was looking for a vegetables recipe, and found my inspiration while idly clicking here and there.
One thing is clear: my cooking horizons have wildly widened since the Internet … from the BBS way back in time to cooking touch interfaces today, my culinary world never stopped expanding.

So, today, I’m making fried vegetables pancakes (similar to Latke, if I’m not mistaken).
The slim/fit/healthy vegetables meet the alluring/tempting/decadent deep frying pan …

I didn’t have turnips, so I used celery instead, next to the obligatory potatoes and carrots.

Grating and chopping is fun and risky (manual grater and big knife)

On the side, I mix flour, herbs, chopped onion, salt & pepper

Four beaten eggs (the other ingredient I wanted to use today)

Mixing everything produces a  colorful view.

And so it begins: the happy sizzle, the instant and immediately recognizable scent of oil in action … I’m salivating :p

And when I turn the pancakes over, I know this is just going to be a nice dinner.

As the batches are cooked, I use absorbent paper to … feel less guilty!

Overall a nice recipe, needing some time for preparation (vegetables peeling/cutting/grating), with a spectacular and tasty result.