I don’t have time for this …

We’re having an extremely hot summer, with the kind of heat that is able to drain me from any (good) intentions.
And cooking does not escape this generalized discouragement of mine.

And yet, the urge to cook is coming back, even after yesterday, our hottest day ever, with 31°C indoors, at 11PM (about 88°F).
The house can’t even cool down at night, and this morning’s fierce sun was announcing yet another tedious day.
That’s when I said to myself “Paella!”

The prospect of heating the kitchen with blazing fire, boiling water and feverish activity should have acted as a strong deterrent, but here you are, reading this post, meaning the deed is done!

I tried something new for this paella: replace the peas by courgette (or zucchini if you like).
Onion, garlic, tomato, spices (among which the almighty saffron) were invited of course.

Onion, what a surprise ...

And still I didn’t have shrimps, and going out with this heat was out of the question, I aimed for the freezer, and fished four big scallops.
Gentle thawing in warm water was followed by delicate drying (scallops don’t like rough manners)

Big ones

An olive oil/lemon juice marinade was their new environment for the next hour.


On the other hand, red peppers were savagely cut, sliced, and thrown in a devilish pan.
They did not escape from it unscathed …


Now the cooking begins …
Sizzling olive oil and chopped onions … not very original …

Show begins

Diced courgettes quickly joined the onions

Enter the magnificent Zucchini, aka Jean Courgette

Until the golden color and aromatic smell concluded a very interesting first chapter.


The tomato abruptly crashed this party, and started mingling …

It's just a can

Until it became everybody’s best friend.
The ‘sofrito’ is ready.

Yes it smells good

Once the veggies are set aside, some meat is unceremoniously cooked.

Second cooking

Nothing to see here (but the smell was mouth watering)

Predictable result

Now that cooked and spiced vegetables and meat are united, the chopped garlic is very much seen as an intruder

Mixing it all, with garlic

But the garlic is quickly assimilated, and we are ready for the last act.
Snow-white rice rains on the colorful scenery.

Rice jumps in

Spices and hot water do their best to help achieve the impossible mix

All spices aboard!

Bubbling and smelling, the pan is traversed by perfumed eddies

Hot bath

Remember the peppers, and never forget the scallops!

Marinated scallops, always late

Cooking is just a formality now, a matter of waiting for the rice to puff up, adjusting the heat level, or the water quantity.

Almost there!

Until, finally, my urge is satisfied, and yet another meal is ready to be served.
¡Buen provecho!

That wasn't so hard!

2 Responses to I don’t have time for this …

  1. Mandy says:

    You’re killing me. I want to come to dinner at your house like it was yesterday!

  2. jorbex says:

    Nice! Funny thing is, that looks very little like a mexican paella. (Yours look tastier, though)

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