So obvious

August 21, 2009

The heat seems to be taking a break. Let’s hope it’s a permanent one.
Trying to exorcise its effects by cooking is fairly simple: lemon ice!

Thank you to Luiz for the recipe he posted a few days ago in response to my cry for help…
I tried it, and it worked perfectly!

Lemons … I had one regular lemon and a lime at the time I took the picture.
Then I found another lime … which I added to the mix of course.
Grating lemon and squeezing the juice out of them is a nice and easy task … until you discover you had a small cut on your hand!
Hard pressed

A syrup is prepared with water, sugar, lemon juice and grated peels


Egg whites are whisked vigorously, until thick and welcoming.
The syrup is then folded into the whites

Whisked eggs

Before using the “ice maker” (a simple slowly rotating plastic blade), I slowly add cream.

Of course there's cream!

And the result comes close to being ancient magic: as the coolness is conjured, the heat is repelled.
The communicants experiment an acidic and impossibly sweet flavor, and can’t help but close their eyes before such an awaited event.

I like it when you do that ...