Impro pie

May 16, 2009

When I started cooking today I knew two things: I wanted pie, and I wanted sun-dried tomatoes

I wanted a meat pie, but the meat still was a mystery. The onion/garlic basis, on the contrary, was an obligatory checkpoint.
I find it so difficult not to use onion (or cousins like shallots, or leeks) when cooking. The mere perfume of sizzling onions is enough to activate my salivary glands…

Ah, I found the meat: versatile and easy to cook chicken breasts. I defrosted them and diced them in a jiffy.
Yes, defrosted.
When one has to cook on very short notice, or doesn’t always know what’s on the menu before grabbing the cutting board, frozen ingredients are a benediction!

A wok, a touch of butter, and onions plunge happily.

The moment I’ve been waiting for: friendly sizzling sound, penetrating scents, changing colors … this is magic.

Before the onions start to turn into gold, I add the meat and chopped garlic

The fire being “set for burn”, I add some spices, and start stirring happily. Something smells good! 🙂

Today’s special ingredient is added to the mix.

Again, I invoke the power of the freezing gust, and add frozen peas, and a mix of forest mushrooms.
I know, it doesn’t look too good.

But after some time, the ice is broken, the veggies feel perfectly at home.
And the produced water is a perfect way to hold everything together (like the Force)

The filling is done. Let’s choose the receiving dish

Dough’s easy, dough’s good.

Rolling is a game, and a precision one, when it comes to adjust the bottom layer in the dish

The very satisfying moment (of truth): the filling quantity is just perfect; not too much, not too few. And I didn’t measure anything.

More rolling, more adjusting.
And as a bonus, as I was feeling inspired, I crafted some dough decoration

Egg yolk is crucial at this point: it glues the decoration in place, and will give that golden color to the pie when cooked

35 minutes later, the oven is very proud of his work. I won’t contradict him

Another moment of truth: cutting the beast open!

Result: It worked, and is perfectly edible.

A last glimpse at today’s game: everybody won!