Paper Violin

I discovered papercraft in ’07, and have been addicted since, even trying to design a few patterns here and there.
There are hundreds of sites out there, and if I had to keep just one, I would choose the Canon Creative Park website, very regularly updated.
I strongly recommend it to anybody willing to try simple patterns, and crazy ones too.

I will post here the evolution of a violin papercraft, the most difficult one I ever built.
I know I will put many tens of hours into this project, but I’m decided to finish it. 🙂

First Entry: May 10th 2009
Printing the model … very exciting and intimidating too.

And the laborious, repetitive work begins. This part won’t even be visible in the final model … shall I write my name somewhere on it? 😉

Second Entry: May 21st 2009
Some more cutting and gluing happened, for what will be the violin’s inner structure.

The top and bottom are double layered, which gives them a nice solid feel.
Note: I used spray glue to assemble these large flat parts, to avoid unevenness …

This structure will hold these the top and bottom together.

Before assembling the violin’s inner structure, I’m cutting my first textured parts (yay!), which will be the side of the instrument.

Thirs entry: Mai 28th 2009
I didn’t do much this time, but the result is rewarding.
All I did was assemble the supporting parts to both the upper and lower part of the inner structure.

Here’s the frame glued to the first face…

… and to the second one. The result is pretty sturdy.
This model is beautiful and precise, a real pleasure so far.

Oh and I did put my name in it after all 😉

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