Cooking today: Zucchini, pasta, walnuts

After a full night sleep, my advance preparations are ready for the show.

First, I quickly slice and heat the cold grilled zucchinis with the garlic oil. Smells nice.

During this time pasta did their job as usual: easy, predictable, perfect.

Adding the veggies to the carbs gives a nice feeling of rightness … so different, and yet so compatible…

The mix is promising. I added some of the pasta cooking water to loose the mix. I think I didn’t put enough.

The roasted walnuts/grated cheese combination is eyebrow-lifting enough, but adding them to the pasta-zucchini melange creates an interesting variety of elements.

Verdict: it was really nice, I will do it again.
Some notes:
– The zucchini were great: still firm and just tender. It was dumb luck (I didn’t plan for this), but their texture was the best counterpoint to the pasta softness
– There wasn’t enough garlic sauce. I definitely could smell it, but the taste needed a little more punch. Maybe I’ll add some grated ginger next time


2 Responses to Cooking today: Zucchini, pasta, walnuts

  1. Mandy says:

    MMM! That looks delightful. Instead of the ginger perhaps a stronger cheese?

  2. satka says:

    Ah, you and your cheese 😉
    But good idea … a strong hard grated mountain cheese, or maybe a provolone … hmmm …

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